How to Book online

You can book a studio online at Novanoïs  7/7 and 24/24. Your booking will be confirmed by email and you can modify it online before the date you booked. 

In case of cancellation or absence, the following costs will be charged to the person who made the reservation :

  • 25% of the total rent amount in case of cancellation 48h before the reservation time

  • 50% of the total rent amount in case of cancellation 36h before the reservation time

  • 75% of the total rent amount in case of cancellation 24h before the reservation time

  • 100% of the total rent amount in case of absence at the time of reservation

Novanoïs informs you  by email  if and when we need to make a change. 

You enter your  personal data and a password once.
This information is kept confidential, respecting your privacy. 
Next time you’ll only have to enter your email address and password. 
Then you choose the location you want to rent, a repetition room or a hall for a party, a concert, a casting… 
If you have a preference, you can mark the room you’d like to rent. If you don’t have a preference, just tick “any” .  This way you have a better chance to get a free room. 
Then you indicate for how long you want to book and on which day. 
Next step is adding the time at which you want to get started. 
And finally specify  which material you need and how many pieces.  
Add your  email address and password and you reservation is done. 
You will soon get a confirmation from us, and a reminder email later on.

While booking you’ll notice some days have a grey color and cannot be selected. If you want to book one of these days, call us. The general rule is that if you want to rent outside the regular schedule, you have to contact Novanoïs to see whether it can be fixed.

Email :
Tel: 0473-927 786