Welcome to Novanoïs

An Event location including a covered garage in Brussels

Since 1998

Online booking 24h / 7d

Baby showers o Trade Fairs o Breakout rooms o Castings o Concerts o Cursuses o Dance rehearsals o Think tanks o Parties o Foto shoots o Hacketon o Karaoke o Christmas markets o Coffee tables o Meetings o Music rehearsals o Performances o Podcast o Teambuildings o Exhibitions o Wedding parties o Meetings o Birthday parties o Video recordings or projections o Workshops

More information about Novanoïs

We rent various studios and spaces, several of which are acoustically insulated for more noisy activities or vice versa, to work in a noise-free environment. 

A number of our rooms are specifically designed for music or dance rehearsals. Hip Hop, Rock, World music, Electronic music, Metal, Classical, … all genres of music are welcome here because music is a universal language. Just like dance and other art forms

But many other events, requiring equal creativity and ingenuity, are also hosted here. We also offer the possibility of combining several studios and spaces, which in turn offer a wider range of possibilities.

We’re also ideally located and easily accessible in the center of Schaarbeek, where your work can be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Novanois has the right infrastructure to run your events under perfect conditions. 

You can check the availability of a studio and reserve online below.